Clutch push lever problem plus snapped cable

Edit - there was no problem other than a broken cable and some over thinking on my part. Problem solved. Nothing to see here! (please delete)

Edited by RockerYZWR

No, I think we should leave this post as a testimony to your brutal honesty and candor.

You should have seen the page-long initial post - the product of dehydration, an empty stomach, and a pure misunderstanding of how the pull lever moves and disengages the clutch, which all followed a semi-exhaustive internet search for the "problem" I was having...  I sent myself on a wild goose chase.  I went up and took a shower, thought about it, and then went back out and just replaced the cable and what do you know, it works fine.  At least I got to remove my clutch assembly for no reason (I did measure all my friction plates while I was in there everything's in good shape).  Now I'm in search for those little washers to mod the pressure plate before I bolt it all back together today.

So we can do another oil thread or something if you guys want.

I use Rotella 15W40 right now. JASO-MA, readily available, and inexpensive - the great moto oil trifecta.

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