Need info / opinions on 2001 yz426

I am thinking about trading my 1990 650sx jet ski for a 2001 yz426, ive owned a lot of dirt bikes in the past, but not many 4 strokes. i guess i just want to know what common problems are for them, what i can and should do right away to make it better, and just pros and cons overall thank you! oh and it has a carb rebuild kit.

This was my first modern motocross bike with a real suspension.  The biggest deal with these is starting.  It has an autodecompression lever that with the right set of steps and technique starts just fine.  However, for $150 you can put a hot cams autodecompression cam in it and make it much simplier.  They still may not fire up on the first kick, but the cam modernizes it a lot (most other 4T have a autodecomp. system).  


It's also geared like a motocross bike so 1st gear isn't really low enough for tight trails unless you are really good or just like stalling and kicking a lot.  I have an older rekluse clutch I'm considering installing and a lot of guys/gals here suggest there is no need to change sprockets with the rekluse (auto clutch).  


It's really powerful too. 

15 year old dirt bike and a 4stroke. It could be a repair something everytime you ride party. The fcr carbs dont like gas left in them. Its a pain to clean out if they get clogged. Its a yamaha they dont eat valves like the 1st hondas .

I like my 2002 426.  It's been a great bike and very reliable.  Power is more than enough for me and it's cool to have something a little more unique than the standard 450's.  People ask me what bike I have and when I tell them it's a YZ426 they are usually surprised because you don't see them all the time or they say something like "That bike won A LOT of races back in the day".  Some tinkering and standard maintenance will probably be required, but that's expected from a 15 year old toy that a stranger owned before you.


My only advice would be to find something newer if you aren't set on getting a YZ426.  I say this because a lot of advancements were made within 5 years of this bike and you can have them for not much more money...a few hundred bucks probably. Things like auto decomp, aluminum frame, hot start on the handle, SSS suspension, carb upgrades, lighter weight, better steering (426 is a tank...a likeable tank, but still a tank), and parts are much easier to find for a bike even a few years newer as well.


Also remember that they don't make those old jet skis anymore and they are a lot harder to find than a 4 stroke MX for thought before you go trading it.

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