It's a Deer Creek Kinda Thing!



But I might go sooner too...

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Sunday's have become a better time for us.  :thumbsup:


Mr. Man is working on Saturdays. :banghead:


We're getting down to brass tacks.  I'd love to ride after the 1st good rain & this dust gets tramped down.  October is looking better & better.


My stamina has increased.  I've lost 10 lbs. & I need to lose more.  I just put new rubber on the back.  It's meaty good.  Time is getting short. 




I've brewed the same pumpkin beer for 3 years now.  It's good, but it needs a change up.  Beer & Brewing Magazine has a Make it Perfect Pumpkin Ale recipe that sounds delicious.  It calls for all fresh ingredients.  :goofy:


This weekend's brew !   ;)

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Pumpkin if we didn't have a holiday around it no one would eat that shit. barf!

Something for 1.21 to improve his mood.



:lol:   :thumbsup:

superslyko, nice one!


Can anyone get in on this ride?


I've been to deer creek a number of times.  I'm up for 10/10 or 10/11 if that works better.


I'd like to try your pumpkin beer, but I'll leave the douche to those more adventurous.

I would highly suggest waiting for some rain first. Nothing in the 10 day....

I've never met any of you but I'm still in as long as I have the day off, I've got the CR prepped and waiting.. well for about a month now just waiting for something to happen.

Let's go!!

I agree with the rain.  On the other hand, its been way too long and I wouldn't mind some dust just to go riding.  I'm getting the wheelie DT's.

Forecast says thunder storms Thursday.....I'm thinking Saturday

Better go Thursday night or Friday at 0600, because by Sat it'll be as dry as it is as I type right now..

Let's let it soak in................. it's early yet ......................... I'm still thinking October. :thumbsup: Leaves changing color............. cold............. :D They're still talking El Nino!!!!!! It's gonna be a wet winter..................... I hope.

What?????? I'll be Mr. T !!!!!!!! Who is the Hulk !!!!!!!??????  :lol: Edited by superslyko

Since i live throwing distance from DC, let me see if we even get any rain today or tomorrow. Doesn't look like much in the forecast. If anyone has ever ridden in silt, well i think you get the picture. 

I still recommend a good rain to set the dust in. I normally don't mind dust, but with a big group and these conditions, it can be pretty bad. 
Just my opinion.

I think I'm going up this weekend regardless of the weather, there's never any dust on the trail in front of me. I've gotta ride before I kill someone.

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Either Saturday or Sunday works for me.  Let us know when you'll be there.

Rained a bit today, should be OK tomorrow. Not sure by Saturday or Sunday. I have to go to Nevada tomorrow and out for the weekend. I heard possibly more rain next week.

So I'm going to do 80 mph down either Hwy 99 or Hwy 5.  Google maps says it's a difference of 1 mile either way.  Now I know 5 is a wider, straighter Hwy in better shape & less cops.  ;)  I can wind it up, turn it straight, and shut off.  :D


Now my Gardener Truck will do 80 at 2500 rpm without breaking a sweat @ 29 mpg................................................................................


Carnegie, Stoneyford, & Deer Creek are all the same time wise. Looking at the video confirms the single track available BLOWS those other places away.  The only reason I haven't ridden Deer Creek more often was because the drive on Hwy 49 was a turny mess.  Mikey would drive like he's in NASCAR........................... so I couldn't relax.  The trails we hit when we were alone were all quad & fire roads.


So this will be test #2.  Last time was fantastic cuz we had a guide.  THIS time will make it or break it for me.  The pressure is on!  Don't &%$#@! up!  :lol:


Having a guided tour is HUGE.  I am very appreciative!  :ride:  :smirk:




It's gonna be fun!  :devil:


P.S.  There will be awards.

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Deer creek is a wasteland, stay away from there..... :devil:

 start getting in shape and fixing your 300 NOW.


I should be100% by then

Make sure your tires are good !!!!  :smirk:

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