forks done!! Gold Valve!

I am very happy with how the R.t. Gold valves went in. Just a few things that were not clear.... and MXTUNER solved all those problems! :)

Fork oil... is it measured from the very top of the outer tube? (I measured to the top... no springs.. w/ the guide in, and rod all the way down. I pulled the midvalve through its stroke 10 + times... and let it sit for 10 min. then sucked out the extra oil... to 95 mm below the top. they are all back together, and I'm a happy camper :D

AGAIN, I need to thank MXTUNER!!!


The oil is measured from the top of the inner tube. Shouldn't be too much of a difference though, a few millimeters at most.


Well, how do they work?!?

THANK YOU!!!! They feel great!... but the shock is still out of the bike, so no test ride yet :)

the feel is so smooth... almost hydraulic! the springy bounce is gone!! I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!

It was nice yesterday, and I HAD to ride, so out came the stock 98... and with a little work, off we went!! :D lots o' fun!!

but it was also torture, since I need to test the gold valves, and BK mod, new tires, and speedo. new steering stem bearings .....and so on (on my 2000) Oh well .. it snowing now.

I will report my happyness asap!!

and Thanks again.


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