My wr400's got a coolent leak...don't know where it's coming from. Wasn't a fast leak exactly...but it did end up burning up my top end. I had noticed coolent dripping while I was riding for a while. I thought it might have just been overflow dripping..but I couldn't tell because evertime I noticed it, it was while riding, the bike was muddy and I couldn't tell where the coolent was coming from. While tearing down the engine to fix it, I didn't see any obvious damage to any of the hoses, fittings or o-rings...What could be happening here? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Is it leaking out the weep hole at the bottom of the engine?

If so it is time for a new impellar shaft and oil seal and water seal for about $50.00. list price. :)

I will check it out....thanks. :)

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