Wr450 Baka street legal kit done?

I installed the baja street legal kit on my 09 wr450. I did the stator mod and it all works but the button that is on it stock to turn it on still has to be there. The key only turns the lights on and off, it's not a kill switch. I can be riding and kill the lights but not the engine. I thought the key would turn the whole system on. So someone could come and turn the button on and ride off with my bike. Did I do something wrong? I can take pics of needed.

That's the way the kit works stock.


Most DS kits do not kill the motor with the as they are delivered.

They are lighting kits, not security kits.


Did you buy a WR specific kit, or a Generic BD DS kit ?


You have to modify the kit with a relay and wire out the factory power button.

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It's WR specific. Do you know of any "relays" I can hook up and make it a key only?

I replaced the ignition button with a keyswitch.  Maybe you could hook the key up to the ignition and hook the ignition button up to the lighting kit.

Remove the stock ignition button and just use the key switch.

There are 4 wires in the stock button. Two complete the circuit to the starter the other two are for the small LED. You will not use the two for the LED and you will lose the indication. But the taillight will come on with key on.

You'd think it would be easy to bypass a simple on/off button but it isn't

I gave up and mounted the button right next to my key switch....its pretty clean

When I get a moment i'll snap a pic and show you what I did


In fact, its kinda double-safe

If you leave the key in it and walk away some jackass may have a hard time swiping it

It works with a 4 wire key switch.  The 2 wire ones that only hook to the kill switch wouldn't work, I didn't think about that.

I bought a baja kit for my 2004 wr450. On of the wires on the harness from the baja kit plugged into a plug behind the headlight cowling. The plug is a kill switch plug because when I turn the key off the bike turns off. I still have to hit the factory button as well however or the little red light stays on.

Maybe the 09s are different? I would call baja and ask

Cannot past an image ine here......oh well.

Real convenient mr. moderator

The baja designs key switch is normally closed in the off position.  You would want one that's normally open in the off position to replace the ignition button.  Or a 4 wire can replace the ignition button plus hook to the kill switch for extra redundancy.

    Any idea what happened to the ability to post pics.....????

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