Should I sell my yz125 or my yz426f

So I've had my '02 yz125 for a couple of years now, and recently thought it was time for a change, so I bought an '02 yz426f(can't believe they were from the same year). I was almost ready to sell the 125, to pay off the 426 when I discovered a few problems with 426. The gas tank started leaking, the thing refused to start when warm, then eventually while riding down the road the bike died and the kickstart locked up aswell as the wheel(most likely the timing chain skipped, leaving the exhaust valve jammed closed). Also the fmf powercore 4 snapped right in half as the mount came off. Now I'm wondering if I should keep the 125 and turn it into a race bike with many aftermarket parts and sell the 426 as I don't want to encounter similar issues later on, or sell the 125 and fix the 426. I'm always eager to be able to ride whenever. I also enjoy the decompression as I like to keep older bikes more stock, but if I do end up keeping it I might aswell get a hotcam.

Any thoughts on what I should do or how to fix these issues?

Sell em both and go fuel injected lol. Seriously though which bike is in the best condition overall and which one do you have the most fun with?

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Honestly the 125 but I'd be out alot if I sold the 426, if I sold them both for a solid price I'd possibly get just short of $3000 which is the price of another 125. Also not a fan of 250 four strokes

Anytime a bike blows up value goes way down and 4 stroke parts are more expensive than 2 stroke stuff, so fixing the 426 MIGHT cost more than taking a loss selling it. Selling the 426 that needs a top end possible bottom end is worth more in parts than a whole bike sold as is. Or you fix it up and just ride it until the wheels fall off.

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