2016 YZ450F

Hey guys, just ordered a blue model and delivery is expected in 3 weeks. I'm looking at aftermarket exhaust but haven't seen anything released yet. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the '15 exhaust would fit?

Yoshimura and FMF are my front runners.



The 16's aren't coming to my area until November but I'm getting one as well I've been doing some research myself here is a link from MXA they had 4 riders of all different abilitys test pipes on a stock 14' with no mapping change here's the feedback


Power gain is small enough to consider how much the pipes weight vs outright power gains.

biggest thing i noticed on my '14 with the Dr.D, It is alot lighter and the low end power is much more manageable. The stock pipe is really good it just has alot of power down low. I got a deal on the Dr.D otherwise i would have stayed with the stock pipe. The Dr.D is a little more quiet  


Not sure if the '16 acts the same way or not. 

Save money on the exhaust and spend it on gas and tires...

Or suspension.  At least you'll get something out of that.

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