Mod requirements for an E Series Pipe?

I have a 2003 XR650L that is completely stock. In order for me to install a new E series pipe/muffler do I need to make any modifications for the E series to work? Any rejetting required? If I simply go out and install the E series pipe without doing anything else to the bike, will still run okay without other adjustments or modifications?

You will definently have to rejet since the factory jetting is lean to begin with. If you try to install the pipe without rejetting it mite make it run worse. Also make sure you get an aftermarket air filter and make sure you remove the airbox snorkel. Not sure what jet sizes you need though since im not an expert. I have an eseries on my bike and it greatly improves the mid to low end power. Hope this helps. :)

Yeah, I agree, you should rejet. Your bike will run sooo much better. Rejetting is not so hard to do, just take your time. Start out with a 55 pilot and a 160 main if your are close to sea level. With the carb mods (jetting, shimming needle, drill out slide), e pipe, UNI filter, your subdued L will turn into a beast! :) Wheelies galore. :D

Any rejetting required?

Any airbox, intake or exhaust modifications require rejetting for the extremely lean XRL. It takes some testing & tweaking so don't get discouraged.

I have first hand experience, as xr650lroostnya states, with the bike running worse after doing the airbox mods. Rejetting was absolutely necessary and also some fine tuning of the pilot screw cured the low-to-mid range driveability problems due to the increased air flow to the carb. But it took some time to get it right. :)

The Beast has been unleashed and it runs a whole hell-uva-lot stronger now. :D

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