Chain Rust

After a ride in the mud I have noticed the chain and sprocket have rust on them. I have cleaned the chain, sprayed WD-40 and tried to brush it off and no go. Is there a better way to clean these suckers? Is the chain still usable? The rust is primarily on the rollers.

Clean the chain when you finish rideing and oil it before you put the bike away.

WD40 is probably one of the worst things that you can put on your chain. Although it will displace the water, it will also penetrate and dissolve the grease in the inner parts (yes even in O/X-ring chains). You'll be buying a new chain a lot quicker if you keep using it. Use a good quality chain lube or even 10-30 is better than WD40 for your chain.

Any way to clean the existing rust off?

Don't worry about it just ride it.

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