Best tires?

What are the best tires for BRPS, I guess intermediate to soft terrain tire. I got the terraflex, but im not really liking it that much.

I'll buy your T-Flex from you.

I tried to tell you about that terraflex but you wouldn't listen. :)



Wait a minute, I thought that Terra-Flex was supposed to be really good? What don't you like about it Scorch?

Michelin Baja for the rear and Dunlop 606 up front. Great combination.

I'm quite happy with the Maxxis IT's, but my next tires will be the Kenda Carlsbad for the front and the Kenda Millville for the rear, both run at 16 PSI. Read the specs on these tires as they look very interesting and they're low cost too. I've been hearing some EXCELLENT reports about these tires being used in the deserts of SoCal, AZ, NV and in Baja.

I am sure it will depend on where you are riding. I have a buddy who is trying the Carlsbad rear tire. If it works out I might try it for that price. My current preference is the Dunlop 756 up front and the 739 Desert AT rear. I ride in the SoCal desert with this setup at 17 psi.

I have the 756 for the front. I'm going to try the Maxxis IT for the rear or the Michelin S-12. Heard good things about both of these tires.

My friend has a Carlsbad on the rear of his 03-650R, the tire is actually reversable, One direction is for HARD pack, turn in the other and you get Medium pack. He got his mounted with HARD pack in mind.

His thoughts are that the tire is OK, it likes to spin out in corners when applying power. He says it's OK / Manageable but it takes some time to get used to.

My opinion based on his reactions to the tire are TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I think it's an average tire at best.


IRC MB5 140 rear

Michelin S12 / M12 front

Enduro type riding (Non desert)

IRC VE33 Rear :)

Michelin S12 Front

IRC VE33 Rear :)

Size ?

I've been a Michelin Desert/Dunlop 739AT/606 fan for awhile now--BUT i just raced the San Felipe 250 this weekend on a Carlsbad Kenda front/rear. The things held up GREAT! Wore better than the Dunlops...traction in the sand was incredible in front. Best arroyo/sand/soft stuff i have tried.

The rear was good-but i need more time on it in other conditions.

The price is alot less than most tires.

Try the Kendas everybody--they are great tires and cheaper than most!

This is a hard question to answer without knowing where and what you will be riding?

I ride Dez and some mountain stuff. For the dez I have found for the rear a D739AT holds up well but there not cheap. I now have Maxxis IT that is looking really good and performing well out back. It's also cheaper then the D739AT but I need more time on it. For the front I run a D756 for me it's the best front tire I have ever used period. Great intermediate tire.

Like I said without knowing what kind of terrain you ride it's really hard to say.


I just ordered a Michelin Desert rear tire and the guy that is bringing them down said that they are as big as a truck tire. They do fit the xr don't they. I use the Michelin Baja tire regularly and love it, but wanted the guy behind me to eat more rocks in a race and thought bigger is better for that.

Talk to you later.

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