GYT-R parts? comp release

I saw them this weekend. The look cool, but I don't like the positioning of it. I would have to mount it different. Plus for the cost ($85.00) I will keep the stocker..... :) I would rather spend the $$ on a Dr.D hot start.

I have had one for about three years on my ’00 and ’01 YZs. I love it.

It IS pretty expensive, but so is everything.

The only real benefits to this part over stock IMO would be:

Quicker bump starts after stalls, easier to start in gear.

Stronger (although you don’t see too many stockers get broken).

Looks swell.

You could mount it on the right side but with the throttle pulley mechanism on there I ain’t sure if you will be able to get it close enough to the grip to easily get your thumb on it.

I’ve heard some talk about mounting the CRF hot start lever on the throttle side of a YZ and using it as a comp release, but I don’t know if the cables and ball-ends are the same sizes. Personally I like the release on the left so I can operate the throttle and the release at the same time. With the thumb lever you can easily operate the clutch and the comp release simultaneously with your left hand.

Hope this helps.

Anyone tried one of the GYT-R thumb comp release.


Cpuld it mount to the right side instead?

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