A good lift stand for the WR450????

After doing my first oil change last night I can see I'm not going to be able to put off a stand purchase much longer. Who has a good lift stand that has the access hole for the drain plug, or is that a necessity???? I want a quality stand that is easy to use. What are some good choices?


I haven't seen a stand with a hole where we need it, but most of the ones I saw could have a hole put where you want with a hole saw without any problems.

I'm going to make or modify one so I can change the oil (regular change, without a filter change) without removing the GYT-R skidplate.


Hey that's a good idea on modifying one. :) I'm still looking at various places online for a stand.I still ain't seen nothin' that I care to buy just yet.

When I change oil I don't put it on a stand. I just lean against the garage.

When I change oil I don't put it on a stand. I just lean against the garage.

I use the stock kickstand.......works great!

I saw on TV Sears advertising a motorcycle/ATV Jack for $99. I was at Sears sniffing around and did not see it but It may be the way to go for that price, it had ratchets that secure it as it goes up so its both a jack and a safe work stand, you can roll it around too.

Here it is


looks like you could drain the earl on it if you had a pan the right size to fit in there.

When I change oil I don't put it on a stand. I just lean against the garage.

I lean my bike up against the wall in the garage and to keep it level. Works like a charm! :)

The ATV floor-jack style setups work nicely for bikes. My WR450 is up on one as we speak. Made pulling the suspension super easy, and the wheels on the jack allow you to move it around the garage if needed. I built a small wood frame to lift the frame a little higher to fully unload the suspension. Here's a pic:


My wife got this jack at Sam's Club cheep last summer as a birthday present. I'm working on a set of "motor plate" style adapters to allow me to jack up my track bike (pavement) the same way.

Good info fellas, I'm actually kinda interested in the Sears jack. It looks as if it could be used for other things besides bikes. It appears as if you have to compensate with a little wood on there to make the bike clear the ground???? No big deal I guess, and the tie down anchors are a plus. I may pick one up this weekend. Then again I may look at other options. :)

As I said in my post, my bike wouldn't quite clear the ground at full extension of this particular jack. Not an issue for "normal" wrenching or oil changes, etc. Plenty of extension for that. But I was pulling the suspension for some valving, etc and wanted to get air under both ends of the bike for that job. A pair of 4x4's across the jack pads was plenty, and didn't require the jack to be at full stroke to do the job.

I built my stand. Only a couple bucks worth of material, a welder and a couple hours of your time and you can have a nice scissor lift.

There were plans for some listed here a few months ago.


Yeah, I saw that in your post. Your jack came from Sam's but it really looks similar to the Sears unit. Does it have a way to lock the jack? (safety) It is a pretty nice looking jack. Was it under $100? I have a membership to the Sam's Club and may have to see what I can get one for. :)

Looks like the one I've seen with 3 safety stops, is it?


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