2006 WR 450 pilot jet ?

I picked up this bike not running after going over the carb about 5 times it is running but the pilot

Screw is out 3.4 turns with a 48,everything I have

Read here a 48 should work? The air pump is removed

New needle and the carb is clean!

48 should work but 45 is what I ended up with.

Has the airbox been modified? Like the top being cut out like a YZ airbox?

The snorkel is removed

45 pilot is all it should need. Air box mods make no difference at idle.

Check the vacuum release plate, make sure it is in square side down.

Check the hot start, make sure it seats properly.

I did not think about the hot start. I will look in the am.

What altitude (approx) are you at?

Average ambient temp in your area?

We are at sea level 85-95,I may have found the problem my tank check valve is not working l am at two turns and running good

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