check out this outragous post.

I agree, all those issues seem like personal problems to me :):D !



[ February 25, 2002: Message edited by: YZ400Court ]

My favorite part is they don't EVER EVER EVER say why there bike is better or faster than a KTM 520. I wonder why...... :)

Hey, you guys on 400's/426's got darn nice bikes too, I like my dads 426, I am just not used to it. I almost bought on 01 426 instead of the 520....I just had to be different than dad. I am glad I did buy the KTM, but I'll tell you I would not have been disappointed with a 426! Besides....Yamaha Pioneered the new 4 stroke revolution....Honda was last. Haha for honda. Even an "unconventional" name like KTM beat HONDA to the draw on a racing four stroke. The Honda's mostly hype, just because it's a Honda....

We all truly know we could be beaten by someone on a 125 if they are a better rider anyway. It's rider, and we know it!

We ride blue, they ride problem for most of us. There has to be some ball busting between brands. History has shown that there always has been and always will be. At least we all ride and are not eco-nazi's!!


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