Which Air Filter for XR650L

Hey guys, I've done searches and seems everyone has their own favorite. I live a mile high+ and need something that flows good but can catch dust as well. Which filter are you "high-desert" guys running? Thanks, Bucky :)

Which filter are you "high-desert" guys running?

Well some of us guys that live in "low places" run the Uni-filter. I do and it works really well for most all types of conditions and different elevations. Just gotta maintain it, and make sure you don't squeeze out too much of the filter oil. :)

I run an uni on mine and twin air is pretty good too their both about the same so It really dont matter which one you get. :)

I think the Twin-Air is better(smaller pores in the foam)but it doesn't come with the cage.I bought both and use the Uni cage and the Twin-air filter. :)

To be honest with you, I went out and got a UNI filter and did the whole oil thing. The only probelm is that I can't tell the difference in the way the bike rides. After the UNI got dirty, I put back in the Factory Filter and again didn't notice any difference.

So I don't know, the only reason I can think of to run a UNI is in wet conditions. If you drop the bike in water or a stream the "Factory" filter will turn to paper mush. Where the oiled UNI wont.


I've been using Uni on the 400 for 5 years and never had any problems so I bought one for the 650 also. :)

Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. Bucky

Does No-toil make a filter for the XR650L? Someone sent me a personal message and recommended this but I can't find it. Anyone know? Bucky

I don't think so, they just make the oil and cleaner. You can use No-Toil on the UNI filter, or any foam filter for that matter.

I use a K&N with Filterskinz. Works great. If the going gets really nasty (like sandstormy) I switch to a Uni. I get noticeably more power with the K&N though.

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