07 yz450

last weekend I was out in st anthonys and my bike just died. I had a harder time than usual getting it started. like 30 kicks to the usual 2 or 3. it even blew a small cloud of smoke. I rode away from camp and once I got in the sand I opened it up and I could tell it was struggling, then it just bogged down and died. now it wont start. filter was clean prior to trip as well as antifreeze and oil and oil filter. I put a new plug in it when I got to camp. still wouldn't start. today I went through the carb, clean as a whistle. has spark and is getting air. I tried pull starting it along with a thousand kicks

 and nothing. any suggestions?

According to your list of things you looked at, you haven't checked the cam timing.

How do you do that?

Thanks guys!

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