2010 Yzf 450 help

if I kick start it without the choke it bearly starts if I pull it out it kicks first time then leave it running on the choke for 5 minutes to warm up push it in and as ur snouts to set of and rev it it cuts out not always but most times doesn't not do this if I set of with the choke out its like it seems like it wants to be ridden in the choke what's the cause of this ?

Sounds lean on the bottom...

And you don't have to let the bike warm up for 5min. Maybe a 1min at most...

Replace the pilot jet.

Bike should always need the 'choke' on cold starts.

Umm... A 2010 doesn't have a "choke" or a pilot jet.

Are you sure your idle speed is correct (1950-2100rpm)? It's adjusted by turning your "choke" (cold start).

Reset your idle and go from there sounds way too low

Pull the knob out let it run for 1 to 2 mins and push the knob in. Set idle to 2100 to 2200 rpm and ride it. most of the time when the bike is ridden hard or as the engine gets hotter the idle will drop even further down around 1800 to 1900 which may flame out down low so try to shoot for 2000-2100

Idle should be high enough to start off without touching the trottle, these bikes don't like a low idle

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