Wheel compatable?

Sorry if this has been asked, i'm having a hard time finding a newer resource.  I found the post that went up to '09.


"Excell Rim and Turbo Paddle off of an 2006 YZ450F"


A local is selling that wheel/paddle.  I have a 2013 wr450f and wondering if this would mount straight up on my bike?  I want to put a bigger sprocket and trail tire on it so when I go burn singletracks I can just swap out the whole setup.


and please excuse my terrible spelling, apparently I can't type "compatible" correct on a Saturday.

Yes they are, I  went from an 06 YZ450 to a 14 WR450 and the extra wheel I had for the YZ went right on. It's been a while since I put it on, but if I am remembering correctly the spacers were even the same, if not just use the spacers off the WR wheel. Don't forget that the YZ is a 19" and the WR is an 18".

Excellent thank you!

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