Mapping my 14

Been playing with my mapping and was wondering if anybody else thinks that these things are rich? A lot of people are throwing a bunch of fuel at it but I think it's stronger with less. Started the day with all +2 on fuel ( super deep sand and I like low end) then went to all zeros. Bike was def stronger....I think

Funny, everyone seems to think they are lean, but DRD says they actually are rich.  Here's some of a post that I made a while back with some of what DRD said when I called to ask them about their map, which goes leaner for the most part.  They did it on the dyno, not just using a butt dyno.  The dyno is an important part of all of this to keep things safe.


I tried it out, and I like how hard it hits.  It's a pretty good map, but it does pop just a tiny bit on decal.  Overall though, I like it with aftermarket exhaust.


I just bought a used '14 with a full DRD exhaust, and found a good article where MXA said that they tweaked the DRD maps for something that they liked better, but didn't give specifics.  I e-mailed them and here's what Erin from DRD replied back with as recommendations for their exhaust, and a blurb about my question and their answer about that mapping.



-2+1-1......0 0 0




I mentioned that it seems that most think it's pretty lean already, so is it safe to go leaner?  Here's her response, which I thought was a good response.  I like that they tested it on a dyno with an 02 sensor, as I'd imagine most don't. 


"The direction MXA goes is richer, mostly to mellow the bike out at low throttle angle. We actually go slightly richer right at the low throttle, and then the bike gets rich through the middle. The map with the -7 at one particular throttle point was a map we came up with on the Dyno with an 02 sensor in the head pipe, using a complete DRD exhaust. There was a rich spike that kept getting better as we pulled fuel out.


We have raced many events with this setting installed.


Remember that each number is just a number; it is not like we put 7 sizes smaller pilot just in reference to a carburetor. "

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