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KDX or WR?

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OK if I got your attention, what I really want is to have a 200cc Two stroke so that I can better appreciate my WR400. Since I'm talking cheap here I'm only aware of the KDX and WR 200's. Australia didn't get the KDX220 though I'm sure that a conversion is possible if one had friends who could access 220 parts. Particularly NZ friends who's dollar isn't worth two Aus dollars. I missed one the other day, a 94 KDX200 for $1200au.

I would expect to pay nearer to $2000 for a good KDX or WR 200, a little less for a KDX in need of a barrel transplant.( Wifeys XT225 is only worth about $1800, I wouldn't even look at her BMW, I could swap that for a new WR426)

So if anyone knows of a cheap 200 not too far from SE Queensland please let me know. Freight from Singapore isn't too bad but New Hampshire is probably out of the question.

Thanks Guys (good natured ribbing expected!! Be kind.)

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