i was wondering if anyone could give advice or feed back on aftermarket exhausts? i'm lookin for an exhaust that adds power all over but doesnt rob from any other areas i was thinking about the dr d pipe or the fmf power bomb (stainless ) header with titanium canister ?

go with eiter the DR.D or the FMF with the SX powerbomb header. thats what i run - buti have heard great things about the DR.D

I put the Thunder Alley on my bike two weeks ago and increased the main jet to a 168. It works awesome. My buddy tried it out and he has a CRF450. I thought after one lap he would tell me if he liked the change or not. Well 9 laps later he is now contemplating selling his 450 for a 426 with a Thunder Alley exhaust. Bolted on real nice and made throttle response immediate. Increased power all over and is cheaper than the other brands yet hand made.

You might also check out the Yosh TI pipe and header. It was recommended to me by Brian Kenny.

I love it. I will say they say good things abthe Thunder Alley too.


Anyone using a Procircuit T4 ? How does it compare to the Dr. D ?

Either the Dr. D or the Thunder Alley. Both are awesome.



Psyco426, I just bought a DRD. I have been a long time PC T4 user & will tell you difference after installation & testing......

I sold my T-4 pipe for the Thunder Alley. I also have an E-Series White Bros. pipe. Ive gone through 4 pipes. My Thunder Alley is the beast you wanna ride, believe me. I just had it Ceramic coated too. Pull even harder than before. The thind just lofts the front wheel. I'd describe the power like this: It pulls off the bottom smoother but harder and revs to the moon. The first time I rode the pipe, I almost looped the thing in 3rd when the front wheel didnt come back down where it normally did with the T-4. After having the pipe ceramic coated, the bottom was a little stronger, but the mid and top got even stronger. This thing is a blast to ride. Go with the Thunder Alley slip on, have your header ceramic coated, youll be 100 bucks ahead of the game and youll be so please youll sit in pits giggling.

Consider me another vote for the Thunder Alley.

It feels great. A little stronger everywhere, especially off the bottom. I like it much better than the stock, or the E-series that I was running.


My dad runs an FMF power core 4, it works great, he also has a power bomb header, with both combined that thing is a rocket, ive never riddin a bike with a stock pipe so im not sure actually how much it gives it but its probably a huge amount. Im sure all of the pipes will give you alot more power and whatever you choose you will probably be happy with. If you are concerned about the noise, the FMF Q will decrease the noise alot, and with the pwer bomb header it quites it even more, The stock bike i think puts out about 100 decibels, but with the Q it is about 90. So go with whatever you think will be happy with, or what these guys persuide you :)

One more note, it was spured by Shanes thought, the difference from my stock pipe and the T-4 was nil. Nothing. No change. T-4 was louder, thats it.

Oh yea, i just remember about the BBR pipe. I put a BBR pipe on my TTR 125 and i LOVE it. It probably added at least a horsepower (that doesnt sound like alot but when you only sart out with 14... :) ) Anyway the BBR, i think, is a sharp looking pipe, it also sounds great and proabaly produces as much power as all the others. There pipes are very reasonably priced, hand made, and ceramic coated. There shop is in kent. (near Seattle) It's just a thought but you should think about it.

Thanx guysxyxthumbs.gif that Thunder Alley pipe looks cool. I also did a search on 'Thunder Alley' and read all the comments about it, they were all unanimous: <font color='green'> Excellent pipe, Excellent power EVERYWHERE!

Think I'll save up and order myself one1blue1.gif

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You won't be dissapointed !!!


Shawn MC or anyone else that has had an E-Series pipe. I was about to put one on my 2000 YZ426 but since reading the above messages, I am having second thoughts. I was looking at the pro meg pipe with the tapered header pipe. But from what I see, I should ceramic coat my stock header and add a Thunder Ally pipe. Help???

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