What weight oil !?

I'm in Australia so it's alwsys a decent temp. I want to know what oil should I run ? Bike has 2500ks on it and hasn't had any freshen ups that I'm aware of.

I've been told 20-50 but not too sure.

Google hasn't find much for me on this topic.


10-50, 20-50 are both good.  I use Yamalube on mine.  BTW, riding down under is on my bucket list. 

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Hahah yeh I'm in wa it's shit earth in some spots, but a half hour drive or ride and the earth has changed completely!!

20-50 sounds thick to me, although it does get a bit hot here..

Pentrite or yamalube?

I would stick with one brand of oil.  Sounds like 10-50 is your best bet.  Yamalube is still a decent price.

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