Just purchased 2004 wr450

Hello, just purchased Wr 450. 2004 will receive it in around 10 days any special checks to do apart from the obvious?

Welcome to the board. Other than normal oil change, coolant change, check air cleaner& chain slack, maybe check the valve clearance. Enjoy

I would go through and re-grease the steering stem bearings. I couldn't believe how smooth this helped my bike. I would also do the linkage. I didn't and couldn't figure out why my bike suspension wasn't fully extending out like it was before. Bearings were rusted.

Thanks DPete and Rmk800 will do.

I'm having it shipped over from mainland Spain to the canaries.Bought it just with seeing pics and a video! Upgrading from a Suzuki dr350.

I'm also unsure as to power it produces, previous owner says its arm wrenching....is there any proper way of finding out if its up to its true power capacity, here in spain at least in the paperwork it says 30 kW

I have a 2004 as well...first ride in over 25 years. It's powerful but not crazy! I find it quite manageable and so much fun! Twist the throttle and enjoy! I got it from a friend of mine who did all his own maintenance and service.  I'll be watching this thread to learn more. 



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Got mine At last last week had a quick ride needs a few tweeks here and there but a great tool and yes pretty fun ...!

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