Mid valve stack

I need to rebuild my mid valve and plan on trying a different stack to try and increase the durability, but I did not write down the stock stack last time I had it apart, and I need to order shims. Does anyone know what the stock mid valve stack is? Thanks in advance since you will save me having to tear down the fork to find out what I need to order.



Here's what I have on record for a 2000 426.

Piston side

4 - .11x27

2 - .11x22

1 - .11x16

2 - .32x14


Thanks DaveJ, do you know if this is the same as the 01 426?

I guess I forgot to mention what bike in my initial post.


What is the inside diameter on the mid valve shims, I think they are 12mm is this correct?



I don't know if the 01 and 00 are the same, and the fiche shows different part numbers for each year on the cartridge tube assemblies.

Perhaps I'm not much help.

You may want to e-mail ScottF. I think he updates each year.

The 00 ID, by the way, measures in at .435 which is 11mm.


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