Can anyone tell me where i can find info on the taffy mod? thanks shane


I looked all over and can't find a link. The Taffy mod is the pre 2000 BK/GB mod. The mod controls the squirt durration. On the pre 2000 carb a collar in installed on the accelerator pump rod. When the collar hits the carb body it stops the squirt. On the 00 and newer the same process is done with the BK/GB mod. The process is different but the goal is the same. You want to get your fuel squirt set at about 1/2 second. Without the mod it will be anywhere from 1/2 to 5 seconds. To eliminate the off idle bog is the goal.

I believe Taffy's mod used a lock collar found in RC (car) hobby shop... :)

Thanks guys--- :)

hello TX

just thought i'd pay a visit back and say hello this evening. i know that jetting Qs was just about done at the 200th post and it was done in the days just before the 200th. i sold the bike mid november 2001 and i guess i did it about october '01.

put simply, when you check that plunger rod going up and down it'll move 3mm. by using a model car 'collar' that fits that little rod, you can pinch it up and shorten the duration. not the start point but the time it stops.

the collar will fit under that rubber gaitor all nice and neat.

for those that are canooks and anzacs i advice to use a simple small block connector from the radio electricians. remove the plastic, shorten the screws, infact remove one of the screws completely!

by resting a feeler guage on the carb housing you can get the stop time shorter the smaller feel guage you use between collar and carb body.

BTW, the rod must move the moment the black plastic bellcrank moves because you want a squirt as the slide moves. you'll hear a lot of bollocks about how the fuel hits the slide. yes on your bench it does but if you have air going under your slide it will curve the fuel spit down and even if it doesn't it'll smash the fuel against the slide and help atomize it!

if i measured it with a feeler guage, as god is my witness the second bloke to read it shouted "half a second" and it's stuck. so now everyone goes around with a stop watch!

i tested it (as you can see in jetting Qs) all the way down to 28 thou or .6mm and as long as that little stream works THAT is all you need. less is good.

if you try the tests as i did them you'll find the bike only need the squirt at tickover to go and the first yard so anything longer is a waste.


Does anyone have a picture of the Taffy Mod, or should I try and search for one?

the only pictures i ever saw were on the DR side and i have a small photo in my gallery on husaberg.org

what's your connection with rugby there. tell me a bit about yourself.

try this link. you can only see a bulge in the rubber gaitor but surely you can do this without a picture? it's quite easy.

here at my husaberg gallery of ahem, er! a magnificant 3 pictures!


Well Taffy, I really couldn't make heads or tails of the pic in your gallery. I've seen some pretty good write ups on the BK mod, but that doesn't really apply to my 99WR. I've got a pretty good service manual, and am fairly confident I could do it if a had a good pic or two to look at. I did the YZ timing change, so surely I can do the Taffy mod right?

Glad you liked the Rugby avitar. A quick bit about myself, played Rugby in college for 4 years. Started out playing prop. Got in better shape and moved to 8-man. Got in better shape and moved to flyhalf. Team captian and flyhalf for 2 years. Played with a traveling team during summer 7's (never left the states unfortunately).

How about you Taff, any Rugby experience?

I have 3 good pictures.

PM me with an email address and I'll send them to you.

ok the one picture i had that might help you can blow up by clicking on but i figured you knew that and i'm sure with littlefoots help you'll get there now.

the rugby?

i played for 25 years and i have spent the last 7 years being; a ref for 4, ran the county of cambridgeshire men's team for 4 seasons and have this season been the coach of newmarket. took them from 12/12 to 3/12 in the league. the young players didn't like my direct style and i got the boot 5 weeks ago. now they lose every game again.

the game is in the blood so i had to ask!



I did try to blow up the pics on the link, but was only able to click on the 1st pic there. The one of your bike. The other two wouldn't let me. I did send Littlefoot a PM. I will take a look at those pics to have a better idea of what I'm trying to accomplish.

Glad to hear your a fellow rugger. You've been at it a lot longer than I. I can tell you this, it doesn't take long to get into the blood. I grew up like most Americans playing football (not soccer), baseball, track, swimming. When I got to college and had an opportunity to pick the sport up, I fell instantly in love. Not just the game, but everything that goes along with it-life off of the pitch. You know what I mean Taffy. My plan was to continue playing men's club after college. Never made it though-marriage, job, kids, blah, blah, blah :D:) Anyway, miss it like hell.

Looking forward to your help with the Taffy Mod.


had another go and have a slightly better picture for you. also on 'my gallery' i have the cheap little PS adjuster pictured.

Taff mod


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