White smoke but smells oily.....

Well on the last round of the NHHA in Panaca I had a ton of Silt get through the filter and reek havoc on my plug, piston and carb. I tore the whole thing down and cleaned the piston, carb and replaced the plug. I put her together with no issues and she fired right up.  Took it for a test run and everything was good. 


The next day we went for a little put . I passed my buddy and he thought he was riding behind a 2 stroke. He said there was white smoke galore. When i was idling i reved it up and during the high rpm there was white smoke coming out. It smelt oily but the bike also smelt hot. The radiator fluid lowered so I think it is just a head gasket. 


My question is.... should I just replace the head gasket or get a new top end or rings just in case? Any other things you guys can think of to replace or look at?

First, understand that most people can't tell the difference between "white smoke" and the so-called "blue" smoke produced by oil burning.  To almost everyone, oil smoke looks much more white than blue. 


Supposedly, "blue" smoke is oil, and white "smoke" is coolant, but the fact is that coolant doesn't produce smoke at all; it produces steam, which can be easily distinguished from smoke by the fact that steam will vanish into the air as it cools, whereas oil smoke will only thin out and drift away.  Oil smoke and steam containing coolants also have distinctly different smells.


Even that doesn't entirely clear up the question (any puns are accidental).  The problem is that either or both of oil and coolant can enter the engine via a faulty head gasket.  If you just want to be sure, plan on replacing the rings and valve seals along with the gasket.  Evaluate the cylinder condition when you open it up, and decide whether either needs replacement or other work besides deglazing the bore. 

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