Simple questions about cleaning and rust

Hey guys I have a 2010 yz450f that I wash after every ride and my rear rotor had been rusting lately..obviously it grinds off when riding but has spread to more than just the contact area. The pads are also rust colored.this doesn't Happen to any of my other bikes. The front rotor isn't rusting but the bolts that hold it on are. Also does anyone have any tricks to cleaning chain lube overspray off of case, frame, and shock linkage. Or any other stains on general. I was thinking of a wire brush but with a little research I see there are different material brushes for different metals. Anyone have any experience with it?

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If you have bolts rusting, you can eliminate the problem by replacing them with stainless hardware of the appropriate grade.


If you use a soap-and-water washable chain lube such as Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard, you can wash of the spatter by spraying the wet area with a 50% Simple Green solution and rinsing with low pressure water.


Rotors are often made of different things for different reasons.  Stainless doesn't rust, but carbon steel produces more friction with a wide range of pad materials. 

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