YZ Forks On A 2006 WR450 - Wheel Bearing Seal Help

I recently swapped my 2006 WR450F stock forks for a set of 2007 YZ250F SSS forks. I swapped spacers and everything bolts up just fine. My problem though is on the right side of the wheel. The bearing is exposed since I am no longer using the WR speedo hub/spacer. For you guys that have done the conversion did the bearing seal from the YZ fit the WR wheel hub or did you do something else?

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The stock wheel bearing seal fits but only just the tabs from the speedo drive holds it in. Does that setup stay in place?

The tabs that spin the speedo drive are part of the hub

The bearing sits inside that, and the wheel spacer touches only the bearing, pushing on it.


If you use used the stock WR bearing, yes, it is exposed.

You have to make a cover, or change to the YZ bearing, with is sealed.

That makes sense. I have a bearing kit that has sealed bearings to put in.

Thanks Krannie.

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