Has anyone ordered parts from them? They seem to be rediculously cheap compared to the dealer. I hope its not too good to be true? :)

Did you join or were you able to browse for prices on WR parts? If parts for all models are similiarly priced as the sample 2-stroker top end shown on the fische, they are gonna get my business. :)

I joined for 9.95. They dont list the WR parts, but I emailed the guy and he gave me a price qoute. The parts are rediculously cheap.


I bought my auto decomp cam from them. Great prices. It did take a while to get my part, but it was durring the Thanksgiving holiday.

Seems well worth the $10 membership. :)

if you know the part numbers (from or and plug them into GenMx search, you may get a hit.

I bought ALL my OEM WR parts from GenMX.

worth EVERY penny for membership! :)

Even if you don't want to buy anything or become a member you can always gaze at the Pit Tootsies. :):D :D

What percentage or discount by purchasing through generationmx would everyone say they are saving compared to OEM Yamaha retail prices?

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