no coolant catch bottle on WR450

You want something that makes it boil off sooner?


You are correct, higher pressure puts more stress on the hoses, seals, etc. If I was running a high pressure cap I'd make sure I replaced the hoses often.

Completely wrong regarding fancy coolants! Get the facts correct!


Sorry, I am completely right about the fancy coolants.  Straight glycol and other coolants have poorer conductivity and lower entropy per degree F than water.  If straight water boiled at 300F it would be the best coolant for a bike.


Please post facts to prove your point if you doubt it.

Read this.


I don't know anything about the Norosin product and I'm not promoting it.  I'm providing the link to give some people background on the Evans product.   The other fancy coolants people are running in their bikes are similar.


"Specific heat capacity of Evans waterless products ranges from 0.64 to 0.68, or about half that of water."


"Evans offers several different iterations of their waterless coolant products. Each is 100% glycol. Some are 100% propylene glycol, and others are a mix of propylene glycol and ethylene glycol."


This plus higher viscosity (lower pumping rate) plus poorer conductivity means the engine runs way hotter.  It doesn't boil over, but it runs way hotter.


I know a guy that got talked into putting Evans coolant in his diesel engine.  He put in a hotter thermostat as well, because the new coolant could take it.  One day he is driving down the road and one of the frost plugs in the head lets go, probably due to higher temperatures.  The coolant floods the engine crankcase, diluting the oil.  The engine blows up in about 20 seconds.


I've been running the 1.8 bar rad cap in my WR for over a year now with no problems.  My radiators have no guards on them and have been bent many times.  My hoses are stock.  No problems whatsoever.


I have a fan for my WR sitting in my garage.  I see no reason to put it on.


FYI, if you want the advantages of the Evans coolant without the cost, go buy yourself some 100% ethelyne or propylene glycol and run it straight with no water.

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