Can you ID this carb? (99 WR400F)

I'm trying to figure out what Carb this is. It does not appear to be stock. I've done some searching with no luck yet. The bike is fouling plugs and I wanted to return it to the stock jetting, but I'm not sure I can with a non-stock carb.

Also, anyone know what the red and blue plugs are on the left side? The red one opens up into the intake, and the blue one has a 90 jet in it.


Any help would be great.





That is the stock Keihin 39mm FCR 'slant body' carb.

It was stock on the '98 and some '99.

It was also stock on the original DRZ400E and many other bikes.

They are known to wear out very quickly at the bore.

The plugs are for vacuum lines you don't need.



Awesome, Thanks for the info!!

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