Real out the door price on the WR450f 2015

Got a 13 in early 14 for $8k OTD with a CA plate.

Call Experience Powersports in Moses Lake.  No freight, delivery, document, or other crap-ola.


Or, you could come by mine for $7K cash and it has lots of accessories.  It's a 2014 WR450F

March, 2014. $6400 OTD for a leftover 2012.

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March, 2014. $6400 OTD for a leftover 2012.

Wow. That is a great price for a great bike.

Well when it was all said and done I ended up getting 7700 from a local dealership with the throttle stop removed by them Took a little bit in negotiating but I feel like I got a good deal now it's just what add-ons to put on it

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