2015 YZ450F - EFI Mapping

Tried doing a variety of searches and also read thru the EFI sticky but could not find anything specific for the 2015 YZ450.  My bike is 100% stock and I am looking to experiment with maps to broaden the low to mid transition without affecting (or even increasing over-rev)and allow 2nd and 3rd gear to pull a little farther.  Personally I think the roll on power is pretty good (not barky).  I only ride MX at the vet B level on east coast tracks which are mostly fairly fast tracks but usually end up pretty rutted on race day so cornering is very important.  I have found one map recommended from Dirt Rider which leans out the fuel and advances the ignition that I plan to try but if anyone has some real world experience with different maps specific to a stock 2015 YZ450 I would certainly appreciate it.  

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1442087424.449812.jpg

This is a mxa map that is very smooth. Has a very consistent feel that pulls well into the over rev. Does not have a big hit on the bottom end.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1442087514.021748.jpg

I'm currently cunning the map in the middle with a full Dr. D and the thing barks. It pulls super hard on the bottom. Not sure how it will work with the stock exhaust.

That's about all the info I got. Hope some of it is useful for you

Thanks.  Is your bike 2014 or 2015?


"Zero" mapping for the 14 and the 15 are different.  Mapping for one doesn't apply to the other.

Yep, thats why I asked what year bike.  So back to the original post, any insight for maps on the 2015 YZ450?  

Thanks.  I have looked at that site 10 times and never realized you could scroll down in that window...  


The Dirt Rider map is identical to the first one (Hard hitting/Loamy condition).  I loaded that one and initially thought it was actually smoother than the stock off the bottom but with better roll-on as you transition into the mid.  Thought it was better on starts (dirt starts) too.  


I plan to try the longer pulling/sand condition map on my next ride which is a sand track.  

I just picked up a used 15 and am surprised by the lack of maps for this year. Is the factory map that good for both stock and aftermarket exhausts? I plan on trying the 3 maps on Yamaha's website but from what I can tell they are only for the stock exhaust. Anyone have useful maps to share for their 15?

Just plugged in the smooth/linear/slippery conditions map for my 2015 YZ450F Timbersled LT...Gotta start somewhere... I liked the map for the 2016: a little less fuel, retarded timing but as everyone knows, stock maps don't start at the same place..2015 map is similar, no change in fuel, just timing adjustments..For cold winter riding, I don't think fuel is an issue although deep powder seems to throw the bike into overfueling.. Building an engine cover with crazy carpet..

Bring on the snow and let the tuning begin..


0 0 0

0 0 0

0 0 0


-4 -4 -2

-4 -2 -2

-3 -3 -3

The problem with this fuel system and snow or extreme cold is that the engine has no thermostat since it's expected to be run in much warmer weather.  It is not at all uncommon for the coolant temperature to stay below 100 degrees all the time, even during ice racing in really cold weather.  This information gets to the ECU as an engine that isn't warmed up and still needs to be in the cold start enrichment mode, and there you have your over-fueling. 


To remedy the problem cover at least one whole radiator with cardboard to help the coolant temps rise into the normal range.

I have -14 yz450f and I am trying to make it very smooth for snow enduro. I don´t know what map my bike is running now but I think I am able to borrow the GYTR tuner.


What should I change when I want to prevent stalling my engine when riding slow sections?

Thanks, grayracer.. I'll be trying to shield the lower half of my radiators with my crazy-carpet engine cover.. I'm already running a thermo-bob but it can't compensate when the cylinder is wrapped in snow..

One problem at a time..

As for changes to prevent stalling: a Rekluse, haha..sorry..

Turn up your idle, change gearing, install a thermostat..

feedback time.. last map was grunty, good power climbing...gonna try a slightly more aggressive one this time by leaning it out and bringing timing closer to normal..

fuel -3 everywhere

ignition +2 everywhere

also up for adjustment of CO for better idle/starting..(darn kickstarting in the snow!)

I'm running a 40% mix of T4..

happy tuning!

Anyone know any good maps for a 2015 yz450f with an aftermarket exhaust??

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