Clutch basket movement !

Hi I've got a 2003 wr450f and had a rattle from the right side of my engine, I found if I put my hand on the cover the noise reduced but when I pull the clutch lever it made no difference, I was carrying out an oil change and thought I would check out the clutch at the same time, I also removed the clutch springs and pressure plate, then checked the clutch basket and clutch hub, the hub has no play in it at all but the basket is a different matter !!! There is quite a lot of play ! Is this normal or do I need new bearings and can you get the bearing on its own or only with the basket as it can be pressed out ?

You should probably pull the basket to discover what is loose, the basket or the shaft it sits on....



The clutch hub number 5 in the photo is bolted to the shaft and has no movement at all so I'm almost sure it's the bush on the basket that's worn unless any one else can tell me any different?

I've found some where that has an new old stock clutch basket part number 5TA-16150-10-00 which is from a 2003 yz450, he said it should fit my wr450 as its been replaced by the same part number that was fitted to the wr450 5TA-16150-11-00

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ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1442096046.377521.jpg

The new part 5TA-16150-11-00

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1442096122.529822.jpg the part he has 5TA-16150-10-00

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Right, but you still have to remove the hub to check the basket.

The basket should slide right off once the hub is removed.


The basket is also riveted to a backing plate, allowing you to change just the basket if it gets worn.

Are you talking side-to-side play, or rocking?


You see the cush section inside the basket? It wears out too.


Do NOT put in a YZ basket unless you never go on pavement, and even then, I wouldn't .

But isent the bearing/bush attached to the basket not the back plate ?

And it's rocking movement

Why would you not use the spring basket on road ?

The only difference is it has springs not bushes

Not being funny,but not been riding long and don't know my self.

Also I've seen people remove the centre bearing to fit to a new basket as the racing baskets don't come with it, could I remove the bearing from the new yz one I can get and just fit that to my basket as you can't get the bearing with out the basket and I can get the yz one cheeper than buying a new wr one ?

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I've just managed to remove the basket to have a look like you asked and found thisImageUploadedByThumper Talk1442157328.318558.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1442157374.471577.jpg

Looks like the crank gear has been hitting the basket, but can't see any damage on the crank gear ?,also the bush/bearing is not pressed in to the centre of the basket but it's part of the gear on the back and it looks like the bushes have play in them not the bearing ?

Is this normal ?

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ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1442158473.115338.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1442158503.034235.jpg

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