Need help working on shock

Does anyone have any tricks to remove the clip that holds the nitrogen cap in place on the shock? I have spent the last hour unsuccessfully trying to remove the clip.

Have you let the pressure out?

Is the end cap sliding in far enough so that you have full access to the clip?

This should be easy, so I'm a little concerned about what you may be doing, especially if you're about to pull a clip with a shock under pressure.


I did release the pressure and I have pushed the cap down about 1/2 to 1". It looks to me like it should be easy to remove, but I can't get the thing out. Tried using a variety of tools, even ground down a screwdriver to try and match the groove the clip fits in. The results are an hour lost, a couple broken screwdrivers and my kids have learned a few new words not to repeat.

It can be tricky. I use too small screwdrivers. One to get under the clip, another to pry it up. Try curving the end of a small screwdriver, and insert it under the clip, near the end. Then use the other screwdriver to pry it up. Be careful not to scratch the shock bore.

This is what I did: I got the circlip pryed out as far out as I could with a screwdriver...then I took some safety wire and slid it behind the circlip and the made a loop on one end of the safety wire and simply pulled the circlip out with the safety wire! It took 2 mins to do. I too messed with the circlip for like 30 mins and finally thought of this idea! Later,


[ February 26, 2002: Message edited by: motoman393 ]

Garrett, you're a bright lad. Now if I can just remember to try that next time...

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