Max handle bar height with stock cables WR450f

I'm 6'3" also had the same question, Krannie how about a pic of your cable routing next time you have it apart. Looks like it needs to enter the case end from the right because of the bell crank angle


Well, no picks with the stock clutch cable anymore.....and now everything runs via the stock path.

Before, with the old clutch cable, I ran it on the left side of the tank.







....and of course, the trick head work.....!




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I hope you can help me with your experience .

I have a new 2015 WR460F but bars to low. Was thinking of 50mm bar risers but eoundered would the OEM Cables etc be ok or would I need to order longer ones. I will be keeping the OEM bars .

The newer model line such as the 2012 through 2015 are definitely different from the older ones in which people have had success re-routing and going way tall. I spent a fair amount of time looking at every routing option and possibility. I am very confident that stock bar height and stock cable length cannot be raised more than the 1.25 inches or approximate 30 millimeters without pulling that clutch cable too tight. If you need or want to go higher than that you need to have Motion Pro custom make you a cable. They don't produce them in any length other than stock/OEM as of yet. 

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