Considering Purchase

New here guys.

Brief background:

I've rode and owned many different things: quads, 2 stroke 125 & 250's, YZ400F (which I didn't enjoy at all), CBR 600, GSXR 750, multiple Harleys, etc.


I've never owned or rode a WR.


I've recently come across a "deal" of sorts.

2003 WR450. 

It's had the street legal conversion done, it's already plated. 

There is also an additional set of supermoto rims/tires, with sprocket, rotors, etc.

It's also had a Rekluse auto clutch added.

All of this for $2000


The catch:

The bike has been sitting and not moved or started in at least 3 years.

The battery is dead obviously, and it won't start, nor would I want to start it as it sits.



I've wanted to get back on 2 wheels and the thought of a dual sport I can zip around town on, hit backroads, hit trails, it sounds great...

But I've never dealt with 4t dirt bikes very much, and am afraid I'd be getting into quite the mess possibly.


Thanks guys.

The 'sitting' thing is not a big deal, unless the carb was left with ethanol based fuel in it.


Then you will have to pull the carb and go through it 100%. ....which again is not terrible.

Pulling the float bowl cover will tell you what you need to know.

Typically, you just replace the pilot jet with a new one and move on.


You might also find the water pump seal leaks after sitting, and it may correct it self.


The rings may have rusted, which is probably the biggest issue with leaving it un-started, but a little bit of PB Blaster inside the cylinder should fix any of that.


Otherwise, it should not be a huge deal to get it running.

Rekluse is 1000 bucks.

Seems pricey. I'd expect a very good condition bike for that price and year.

I don't think that's a "bad" price.  It's not a steal but I think it'd be a fair price assuming it ran good when it was parked and just needs a cleanup/tuneup.  Around here in Utah/Idaho its common to see 03-06 year WR's for 2000-3500 depending on accessories/shape, most probably falling right in close to $3000.

  I'm not the expert on getting a parked machine tuned back into running shape, but will say I love my WR for darting around town and burning up the dirt roads and single tracks around here.  Its pretty fun to just get on at home and take off whichever direction I feel like going.

  Good Luck.

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