P-38 Lighting

I put one on my 00 426 when I first bought it. I'm sure my experience is rare, but they sent me one without any fuel passages drilled into it. Like a dummy, I of course put it on my bike without really looking at it. Not having any pump shot actually kept my bike from starting hard and I didn't have as much of a bog off-idle as I would have without it. Long story short (lol), I discovered the flaw in manufacturing when I did the BK mod and I sent it back. Do the BK mod! It's a much cheaper (approx. $5 vs. $80) and it's a more complete mod in that it allows adjustability where the p-38 does not.

I just did a search for p-38 in the YZ forum, 32 matches. I figured there would be a match or 2 that I could link, but 32. I have not tried the p-38 or the bk mod myself.

done the search...sorry. tx.

Originally posted by denjerre:

done the search...sorry. tx.

Don't be sorry, I wasn't scolding. But with 32 posts, and countless more on the BK mod, maybe I need to try it also. I pulled my accel pump apart the other day to find it so full of crap it could not have been working :) . I wonder how it will change having it work again?

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