Acerbis wr rear fender

I just got the new acerbis fender and it is YZ style :) I thought i'd share some pics and show the end result.The nice thing is no trimming required :D




Thanks for the tip.

I've mounted 2 YZ rear fenders now on my WR and had to cut out all the clearence holes on both. Looks like this new one does not have the same shape on the right side to transfer the little stock heat sheild materail.

You do need to cut the stock heat shield shorter to transfer it.The right side ends right at the mounting point but otherwise has the same shape. It is actually nice since i had to trim the stocker fender to accept a yz-style exhaust.

Whatevva and I also mounted Acerbis YZF fenders, and they both needed to be trimmed for the overflow lines. I had a friend at work machine some aluminum spacers so that the fenders would kick up a bit more and flow better with the seat like the WR's do. Now there is barely any transition from seat to fender.

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