Lighter flywheel???

Has anyone lightened their fly wheel on a 650L or bought a lighter fly wheel? I was riding with my buddy who has a 01 KTM 520EXC and his bike definitely spins up faster than my bike. I've heard you can lighten the flywheel to make the engine rev faster. Any comments or results are appreciated. My bike is totally uncorked and gearing is 14-47.

I wouldn't go there. I ride a 650 because I want all that torque. Lightening the flywheel will cause you to lose some of it. One thing to keep in mind is that the KTM has an accelerator pump on the carb which will give it a lot more snap than the CV carb on the 650L. The ktm is also a whole bunch lighter. Also, while your buddy is changing oil after every ride I am sure you have better things you are doing. They are just two very different bikes.

You can purchase a pumper carb for your bike. Like the previous reply stated they are two different bikes. Generally a water cooled four stroke is going to have more snap over a air cooled. They simply are able to make more horsepower. Be happy with your machine, Im sure your getting close to the most out of it. (unless you are willing to sacrifice reliability for more power)

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