02' yz426f dualsport kit.

I need some gearing suggestions. It tops out at 50mph now. Stock wheels, 606's. Coming.

I'm in the Pittsburgh area. I'd like a comfortable 65 or 70mph. Don't know if that's possible with the 5 speed??

Going to the Oring chain too. I think the previous guy was making a woods only bike?? I'll be more off than on road BUT it needs to get out of its own way and not explode:-)


Thanks for the website, but I was looking for some real world feedback. I know what I'd like and I am looking for but nothing beats info from others who have done it.

What gearing are you using? What bike do you have?

The only way to get a comfortable 5th gear is to create gearing so tall that first gear is 'uncomfortable'.......about 15/45 .

A 15/45 on a 426 would give you roughly 10 MPH per thousand RPM, or about 60 at 6000, and 70 at 7000.  Still kind of "buzzy".  In low, idle speed of 2000 will happen at about 10 MPH.  


If you want to be more comfortable than that, you need to think about modifying the transmission by trading out the top two gears with a WR, or maybe the entire 5 gear set.   

Tops out at 50!!! My 01 yz426 hits 70 with 14/49 or 50 gearing.

Check your sprockets.. probly have 13/52

Ok, just got in from riding. 14/50 it is.

Got to do more woods and liked it. But I'm one of those riders that isn't very picky. I just make it work.

I'll fire my computer up in a bit here and hit that website up.

I'm not tapped out at 50, It just feels comfortable at 50. I can scream it and hit 70 but it won't be making it home on its own. Lol

49 rear is stock, that'll make it feel better on the top end

My 2000 yz426 hits 80, stock gearing and my car gps in my pocket with max speed reset. I dual sport it regularly.

I have a supermoto yz426 and I ride a 14/40 sprocket setup have to slip first a little and clutch it in tight trails but will ride great on street and still preforms off-road great

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