throttle stop screw?

were the hell is the throttle stop screw at and if it is the one I think it is how the hell do you get it out without taking half the bike apart?? Help Me


Should be inside the carburetor housing, depending on the year you might have to remove the carburetor to get at it.

aaronf now is the time to get familiar with the parts schematics so you can see where things are located.  Also called the "parts fiche".  You will note that nearly all the online motorcycle parts places (rockymountainatvmc, motosport, bikebandit, etc) have OEM parts listings.  This is the 2015 parts schematic from RMATVMC.  I believe item 9 is the stock throttle stop screw location.  Follow the two cables down from the throttle to under the tank and where they connect into the fuel injection throttle unit is pretty close to where the throttle stop screw is located.  Looks like it is just underneath where the throttle cables hook into the unit.  My understanding is that is is a security type torx screw so you will probably need a special security type torx socket to remove it.  And, yeah it wouldnt surprise me that you have to remove shrouds and fuel tank to get to it (or at least see it clearly).


select the Intake 2 category of parts and look for item 9.

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Thank you I was on the right track. Need to get that to socket now. Just spent 2 hours cussing over that thing! Thanks again.

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