Compression Release Cable

I talked with Chad Reed's mechanic this weekend at the Atlanta SX. I noticed that Chad runs his comp. release on the outside of the clutch. This is the way I would prefer to run mine. On my 00 250 I always ran the clutch lever as far in as I could for the added leverage and feel, but I cannot do this with the 426 due to the cable being to short to move the lever outside the clutch perch. Have any of you found a longer cable to accomodate. Reed's mechanic said they run a Motion Pro that is 16mm longer, but guess what It must be a "Factory Item" because I have not been able to locate one. Any Ideas?

I run my compression release on the outside of my clutch, and down. I have been for several months. No problems with the compression release cable being too short. I have ProTaper YZ High bend bars and universal mounting kit that raises the bars even more.

Hmm, thanks d_criss. I will try that. I run the Azonics twin wall bars, and I dont think they allow you to move the lever perch as far over, I have a set of Pro-Tapers on order so I will go back and re-adjust then.

Yeah same here, I run the lever outside/inside on renthal twinwalls Cr hi's No probs!

word! :)

What do you mean by "outside"? Do you mean that you've relocated the compression release perch on the handle bars above the clutch perch(opposite side from stock)?

Boit, when I say outside if you started with left side(when sitting on bike) starting from end of bar going toward the triple clamp, I have Grip, kill switch, clutch perch, comp. perch. I want it to be grip, kill switch, comp. perch, clutch perch.

I have tried all different combinations of compression release and clutch perch positions. I always come back to the:

grip -> kill -> clutch -> compression

Compression release is above the clutch. I have Emgo bash guards so I am a bit limited since the clutch lever has to be inside the bash guards. I have yet to smash anything off the bars, so I guess it works for me. I have had this setup with both the stock bars and the Renthal "Jimmy Button's", cable routing has never been an issue.

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