SCOTTS or GPR again....................

i want to get a steering dampner for my bike i am not a racer and never will be but i play ride most every weekend- i know i have to scrap the set up i have now(thumper racing bar risers) so i have a few question for you tall riders

what tripple clamp are you running?

how much higher and foward are your bars than stock?

do you like the oil fill mount or should i go front and why?

what dampner are you running?

who has the best price?

was it worth the money?

thanks for all your help......

i went by BRP and talked to them - they can get me 24mm foward and 17mm higher then stock with the oil fill mount but after reading old posts i think i want a front mount?

thanks again :D:):D

jeff :D

Get the front mount for sure. I run a Scott and like that is has no resistance to center so it tries to straighten the bike out for you... I have had mine on for 4 races now and love it. I leave it at one setting the whole race unles it gets really bad and then I clikc it a few turns harder. The little tit on the knob hangs up on my jersey when I am in attack mode sometimes, but I blame that on my gut more then the stabilizer!


Dont know how tall you are, but I am 6 3. I use the Scott's Clamps and Damper. I also have the ProTaper bars with the highest bend available. I think it is the CR Hi or the Pastrana Bend. Not sure. I always had a problem with my knees hitting the bars in corners, but that is no longer a problem with this set up. I have also heard of people using ATV bars, but I think that is a bit much.

Good luck.

As you know Jeff I have the Scott's and can't ride without it. You have riden my bike and know how that works but, for as tall as you are and you have no wrist problems you might want to look at the GPR2.

This is under the bars making the bars higher like the setup you have now. :)

As you know Jeff I have the Scott's and can't ride without it. You have riden my bike and know how that works but, for as tall as you are and you have no wrist problems you might want to look at the GPR2.

This is under the bars making the bars higher like the setup you have now. :)

i like the GPR under the bar mount - i had a buddy that took a scotts in the throte a couple a years back damn near killed him - the only problem is i dont think they make a foward mount yet :D

here is what i found out today -

SCOTTS has a 12mm foward with stock height in front mount

BRP has a 19mm foward with 17mm higher than stock in a front mount and if i go oil fill mount i can get 24mm and 17mm but every one i talk to says get the front mount

i need to call GPR and talk to them also

so far i am leaning on the BRP front mount i am 6'4 and this should be fine iam just used to the bar risers i have now :D

jeff :D

I hit my throat on mine, coming off the table tops at third gear pinned. I lived through it but, lost my voice. I don't think my mind will ever let it happen again. Once was anough. I need what the scott's does that none of the others have...the high speed setting. When are you and Scott coming out to ride again?

What do thes things do.. Just minimise head shake? Hey bruce, I want to try and get out there this next weekend... I'll be in San Felipe THIS weekend for the race. Is there still enough open to have fun on??

I have a scotts and they are awesome, you cant explain how good they are, My buddy has a 04ktm 450 and there is a loop we do a lot and it has skinny cattle trails that go on and on are pretty straight about 3rd or 4th gear we rode a couple of laps and he had to stop because his arms were killing him I told him to ride a lap with my scotts cranked a bit he was so impressed that when we got home at 10:00 that night he ordered one on line and he is frugle. helps out everywhere you could see his hands violently shaking back and forth the scotts stops that so you can go faster with much less effort

Yes! There is still good riding! On the scotts it has a high speed setting that allows you to run one setting for most riding and has a high speed setting to catch the big unexpected stuff. This setting is on all the time so, if you have the dampener off and hit a big rock or rut it still catches it :). has away of bring the bars back to center. Only dampener that has this.


15. I've heard your damper has no high speed dampening or Where's the high/low speed adjustment?

The GPR Stabilizer definately has high speed dampening. What good would it be if it didn't? This is a common misconception about our damper most likely because there is no exterior adjustment dial on the unit. The interior dampening componentry is designed specifically to give the rider high speed impact dampening regardless of what number setting you are on. The valving on the unit is what controls the dampening and our valving is specifically designed so you don't have to adjust it. Ever! There's already way too much going on when you are riding a motorcycle that you must be aware of to be safe, so here's one less thing to worry about. Even on the Number 1 setting the stabilizer will still absorb a good amount of shock if you strike an unexpected rock, etc at speed. Faster speeds usually equal more severe impacts, so make sure you dial the stabilizer up a few notches as your speed increases. Dampening is very personalized, hence the numbered dial, so make sure you put in the time to see how all the settings work in different conditions before you gas it and go.

I use GPR on my XR650R and it has the forward mount. I didn't even have to buy a triple clamp. They will bolt right on to the stock setup. If your buying the under the bar mount you do have to change the triple clamp. Mine is over the bar. I have never hit it not could I since it is mounted underneath my cross bar and pad. I really have enjoyed the GPR. I imagine I would like the Scotts too but the price difference is considerable especialy when you buy the GPR model that does not require a triple clamp change. The ideal situation would be to ride bikes with the Scotts and the GPR to see which one you feel most comfortable with.

Tough choice. I have a Scotts and like it a lot. I've ridden two bike with the GPR and like it a lot too. Both are good products. The Scotts has a little more adjustability to it, but that might not be a big deal to some folks. The GPR's are very popular on the west coast with desert racers and I've heard GPR will service their products for free where as Scotts charges for this service.

qadsan - what tripple clamp are you running?

thanks jeff

I'm running the Scotts clamp for the fatter bars, which I believe is made by BRP if I'm not mistaken.

what other adapters do I need to install my scotts steering damper on my pig? I have the scots, but no adapter. I have pro taper bars and a different triple clamp. Anyone?

The Scott's is the only dampener with the high speed setting. It is not a misconception. The adjustment is under the black cap. It is also the only Dampener that you can adjust the right and left dampening independently of each other. The high speed adjustment is on all the time even if you turn the dampenner off. If will still catch the high speed hits (speed the front end turns, not the speed of the bike). This makes it great when you don't want the drag of the dampener but, still want a safty net to help with bouncing the front tire off something you didn't see coming. Biggest help is in the whoops and when coming out of orbit on big jumps. You want the bars to turn freely but, if you hit wrong (bars go to a fast twist, hit a rock or rut) the high speed setting kicks in. High speed only dampening adjustment would be a better way of saying it. Scotts got the patt.# so, they are the only ones with it. The GPR does not have it. When it's on it's on and when it's off it's off.

Evidently GPR has found a way to deliver both high speed (not manually adjustable) and low speed damping and still make a lot of desert riders happy. Those rider reports, GPR service and the second generation design (v2) is what sold me on GPR. :)

what tripple clamp are you running?


how much higher and foward are your bars than stock?

It depends on what bend your bars are and how they are adjusted. I run Windham bend Protapers they have a taller rise then CR Hi bends and less sweep. Perfect for my standing style of riding. The bar mounts add about a 1/2" as well.

do you like the oil fill mount or should i go front and why?

Can't answer I ride blue.

what dampner are you running?


who has the best price?


was it worth the money?

The best money I have ever spent on my bike. What ever you decide just get one. They are both great compared to nothing. I love my GPR.

thanks for all the replys - i ended up with a GPR set up :)




jeff :D

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