This Might Work

Iam on TT every day,I always think about the screw up on the wr450s , this might be diggen deep but here goes.anybody heard of Tom Martino ? hes a trouble shooter,he has a radio talk show and gets problems solved ! I think his show is pretty wide spread,any body heard of him? would this help the wr boys?it mihgt be worth a try.866 966-help. is the number

Worth a shot.

He's based here in Denver, on the fox news each night. I would defiantly give him a try. Let him know all the information, letters to Yamaha, responses, and links to this site showing how many people are affected. I have a 426 so I would not be much help, but I would try him; maybe try to get several guys to write him.

I don't know the full power these guys have, but it is certainly worth a try... Even better, if you have one from Kalifornia, one from the east, and a few others at points in between, whether radio, or TV, these consumer watchdog programs can make the big companies accountable and can result in quick management decisions if they think they are going to be shown running away from a camera in a car park or wherever, afraid to speak about the problem...

The key here is to be organised... get a few in your local area to call or write, then go and meet the person, and see if they will take on the deal... Consumer injustice is how Ralph Nader built his reputation...

Good luck to all of you in getting some justice...


And you better have had the woodruff key problem with documentation, othwerwise they'll prob'ly just blow you off....I haven't had the problem yet, so I don't feel right calling one of these guys. Although if it does happen and I get screwed on it I will take action.

I think they should have a permenant post at the top of the WR section which is a sign on and post only if you have had a starter failure. That way a list is compiled of TT members which would state date bought, miles if known, date of incident, and how many occurences. More ammo is what is needed. If someone also knows WR guys who aren't on line but had the problem, get their info and contct info just incase.

I havent had the problem YET either,so I dont think I should call.BUT,I have listened to this guys show several times.he seems to get it done,GO FOR IT!

Couldn't hurt, right? I haven't had any problems, but would take action if I had.

Excellent point on the documentation of problems. And get some of those emails from the guy at Yamaha who says the problem is solved.

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