Price for new WR 450 in SoCal.....?

Sorry for any redundent questions about price, but I'm looking to buy a new WR 450......any dealers with good prices.......... THANKS!

lacyclesports has great prices. I've never bought from them, but have heard lots of good things. Lacyclesports :)


I don't know if this will help or not,but three weeks ago

I ordered a new 04 WR450F from Procycle in Columbia,Mo.

I just called and I can pick it up tomorrow night.

The price I put money down on was $5399 out the door and in my truck.

They are claiming to be a high volume dealer and also sell on ebay.

When I called they asked if this was an ebay deal.

I didn't know any of them ,I walked off the street and the salesman said we have a no haggle policy and gave me that price.

For that price you may be able to buy it there and have it shipped and save money.

Jon Good was the salesman.

I'll post tomorrow night and let you know how the deal went.

OH, Here's a link to there web site, and you might also check ebay for their auctions.

And here's their ebay link



I just got back with the new WR450.

I'll leave it at that.

Thanks Strick.


And thanks


By no oil in the crankcase I assume you mean the dipstick in the frame tank reads empty. If you haven't started the bike it will read low as all of the oil will have drained back into the cranckcase. To properly check the oil you need to run the motor for about 3 minutes then shut it off and check the dipstick. Now if you think there really is no oil in the crank you wouldn't want to start the motor to check it. There's no way I know of to check if there's oil in the crank. Probably the best thing to do is drain what's in there and refill it. That way you're sure. Anyone else have any ideas?

lacyclesports has great prices. I've never bought from them, but have heard lots of good things. Lacyclesports :)

I drove down from Reno just to buy from these guys. They gave me a great price on my WR426. I set up the whole deal on the phone and internet. There was no bait and switch with the price or anything. Walked in, waited in line, people were lined up to buy a bike, signed, they loaded it up and off I went. Best yet, they did the throttle stop mod and chucked the exhaust insert for me so I had a good bike to start with.

I have sent several of my friends there since and they are all happy too.

try the little drain plug below the countershaft sprocket. you wont loose as much oil. better make sure your air filter is properly oiled.



When I picked up the bike the owners manual had not caught up with the bike yet.


Like a good shadetree rider I checked the [i guess]fill plug

on the upper left side of the crankcase.With a good flashlight it looked dry as a bone.

Thanks to PBDBLUE I now know where the dipstick is and it shows full.

Don't seem right not to see oil in the crankcase?

Anyway, you guys just saved me from looking like a total fool at the dealership. THANKS

I'd also like to say I'm sorry to Procycle for the flaming I gave them on this thread.

Except for the untold money and it not there when they said.

I think it was still a good buy.

It's going on 9am Sat. morn and is going to be a 60 degree

sunny day.

Time to ride

Thanks Don

You got a great deal. I think I would try to edit the original thread (if you still can). You were a little harsh.

congrats on the new bike!

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