Yamma dealer close to Greenville, NC

Hi viewers out there.

I live in Stockholm Sweden. A poor socialist country. Most stuff is quite expensive here. For example radiators for my Yamaha WR 426, 02. Here they cost approx. USD 625 (SEK 4500) each. – Though, I have not broken any radiator, yet…

However, my parents got tired of the expensive radiators here in Sweden, so they moved to USA, North Carolina, Greenville. :)

Anyone knowing the closest (and best) Yamma dealer to Greenville, NC, to where I can send my dad for purchasing some spare parts for my Yamma, which he can bring with him when he comes to visit me?

Anyone having an idea of the price of radiators in NC?

Best regards, Carl A

I am not sure how close it is to Greenville. However, I have had really good luck with Team Powersports in Garner, NC. I would say it is probably a little over an hour away. If push comes to shove, send me a PM and I will call one of my contacts there! Good Luck!

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