Rear brake light switch fail

My after market hydraulic switch that replaces the bolt on the banjo bolt will not make contact to activate the brake light switch. It worked for about a year. Now it seems the hydraulic fluid pressure is not enough to complete the circuit. Ive taken it off and activated the switch manually, everything is still intact.

Anybody have this problem. Is there a simple contact switch there can be used without tapping into the brake line.

Common point of failure.


If you use the 'good' switches sold by Baja Designs, they last much longer.

Yes, you can use a 'pull spring' system for pre-hydralic brakes, but there should be no need.

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I used the clutch lever safety switch for my brake light. 

I used the clutch lever safety switch for my brake light.

I like it. Explain how you tapped into that.

The first thing I did was bypass the clutch safety switch so the bike would still start in gear........ Then I ran a wire

from the battery to the wires that go to the switch and connected it to one of the wires. Then from the other wire I ran another wire

back to the wire for the brake light and connected to it. Now every time I pull my lever the brake

light comes on. I also installed compact fuse at the battery before routing the wire to

the clutch switch.

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