Hasn't anybody seen the lawn tractor races on tv? :)

I'm serious!!! If it has a motor, someone, somewhere will race it.



Quads rule at the mx track....at 6:45 am on race day, when you are tired from partying Sat. night, are riding a bike class, the overeager track man has dumped seemingly 4 million gallons of water on the track turning it into a quagmire, you are scheduled for first practice and know you won't be able to do any jumps in the slop and your bike will weigh 327 lbs. afterwards...and they announce quads practice first! Quads will clean up a track in no time. :)

Can you imagine the carnage of a first turn wreck?

At least nobody got overly pissy on this topic, thats good. I want to say a few things, and please keep an open mind.

So you know a little about my back ground, I too am a quad rider with a YZ426F in a 400EX chassis. It was featured in both ATV Sport and Dirt Wheels last year because I can also run a TRX330R engine in the same chassis as well. I have worked an internship for Honda in Ohio on Pre-production BIKES (Can't tell ya, have to kill ya; Knew about the CR450 ALONG time ago) and Yamaha R&D has wanted to hire me and asked questions about how well the YZF works in a quad. Reason I say this is cause all bikes interest me, and if I was rich and not still in college I would own all forms. I was considering getting a dirt bike (YZF), because I've always wanted to ride one, but I just don't think I can pull it off yet(need$$$). I personally compete at the Pro-Am level at the ATV MX nationals I can attend and always ride with A class MX and Enduro bike riders. We actually have a blast, because its fun challenging each other (Plus they think I'm nuts so thats fun). For example I have ridden with a group of A class enduro riders from Wyoming and Colorado in the Badlands of South Dakota with one arm (The full-arm cast on my left arm didn't allow much help at the time) and they told me they were impressed as to how I could keep up at full pace with a stock 300EX one handed. Just last week in the Badlnds the bikes were able to muster about 50 feet off a particular jump that THEY said I was getting 80 feet measured at the rear wheel (Same run distance). Plus I can and do jump almost all the same jumps on the track. My favorite track is Red Bud, because it is the fastest and has the biggest jumps, and I do them all except Larocco's leap (Even only a few bike riders do it and the best like Pastrona have wrecked on it, so I won't worry about that one, but I did hear Doug Gust and Travis Spader have cleared it on quads).

So yes, quads can do what bikes can do with the right rider on board. But yet most bikers don't see that because all they see is some new or little experienced rider on a quad who doesn't know how to ride (I too see it and I know what your saying). Here's why: A quad is much easier to ride so practically any joe shmoe can ride them, but yet to go fast on an MX track with one, it takes more skill. Just like skiing and snow boarding, A board is harder to learn on, but easier to ride once learned (Dirt Bike on MX track), whereas skiing is easier to learn, but harder in the long run (Quads on MX track). I know several former top dirt bike riders who switched to quads because they say they are actually safer when raced (Their words and remember these are good riders). As a matter of fact one of these former bike riders told me that the Pro Quads are faster than the Pro Bikes at Red Bud. Before getting all excited, remember I was told this by a bike rider, and I am actually going to try and find out for sure. But it really wouldn't surprise me, because I have race footage of High Point in '97 and the announcer said the Pro Quad class was running lap times not even a second off the Pro Dirt Bikes (I have the video if you don't believe me), and at Red Bud I do know a quad would be a little faster in comparison to a bike than at High Point. Plus the quads have since actually gotten much faster with the new forms of ZPS suspension now available. In all honesty, it is amazing to watch the Pro Quad class go, they fly... "Here's how it works, A quad can corner faster on unbermed corner (All of Red Bud), a quad weighs more thus get less height on jumps and has to go faster to clear it (Gets on the ground faster), and hook up better in almost all situations. This means if there is say one jump on a track a quad can't do and loses time there, it is made up bit by bit over every other jump and flat turn they do the same (Its physics)"

Like I said earlier, I like both and don't want to excite anybody, but I hear all the same bashing all the time and am tired of it. Quads do keep the bikes updated and yet there are allot of top quad riders that do spend allot of money do it because they enjoy the sport (A Raptor is a kids toy in comparison to my quad). Heck most top quad riders do ride bikes as well anyway. For example at some big race Doug Gust won the Pro Quad class, borrowed a stock 300EX and got second in the Pro-Am 4-stroke ATV class, and borrowed a Dirt Bike and also placed Second in the Pro-Bike class. All that in one night, not too shabby if you ask me.

Sorry for the long post, but I too am a quad rider that does it because its fun (It's a rush launching off the ski jump at Red Bud on a quad, trust me). I spend allot of money to go out and have a good time and just ride for the fun of it. So it really irritates me when I'm doing something for fun and somebody on a bike bad mouths me or my sport. So I am just hoping that more bike riders will at least make an effort understand and maybe even respect the fast quad guys (You guys seem like you would). I personally have no problem with quads and bike on the same track, IF they are respectful of each other. The problem comes in when a fast quad tries riding and less experienced bikers don't really like getting passed, they will do some dumb things. The same goes for the fast biker and less experienced quads. Last year I raced my first local event where I attend college and the guy that won the Pro 125 and 250 bike class asked me if I wanted to practice with him, because it would be nice to have a fast person to ride with (Second place was 2 laps behind me and I rode slow). And ever since all the local bike riders respect me for my abilities, which is cool and I am still nowhere near where the top pro's are at, but am trying. Only raced a couple years and getting better all the time...

Sickman80, I have tons of respect for you and the guys who race mx on quads. I beleive that quads have advantages and disadvantages just like bikes. I don't like riding quads personally but hats off to those who have the talent to race them. We do need to get along better, we really are on the same team. I don't think I could ever really enjoy riding one though, love the light weight and quik handling of a bike. You guys have to throw tons more money in to those things to make them fast, which proves you love the sport.

good luck :)

Quads are a blast! I borrowed my neighbors 650 praire 4X4 and had a great time in the mud. In fact, I would love to have one.

The track thing is a bigger issue. A lot of track owners must not care about the riders. It is nuts to mix different types of bike and riders together.

What can really get peple hurt is the difference in the speeds and size.

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